How to get the Most From Your Attorney Consultation

Scheduling a consultation to speak to an attorney is usually the first step in retaining this legal expert or at least learning if that is a worthwhile decision. When it is time to go in for your consultation with the family law attorney pinellas county, you’re probably nervous and wonder what to expect. It is important to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that you are in good hands now. Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of this consultation.

Arrive on Time

Attorneys are busy and limited on time. Be appreciative of the free consultation and their time and arrive on time for your appointment. You do not want to miss a second of your time with the attorney.

List of Questions

Creating a list of questions you’d like to ask/discuss with the attorney eliminates some of the nervousness of the consultation and ensures that nothing is forgotten. Make sure to start that list and jot down anything that you think of as it comes to mind. Your attorney will appreciate your preparedness.


You can speed up the process of a lawsuit or court proceeding by coming to the consultation prepared with the legal documents that you need. You can ask during the appointment if there are items that you should bring with you.

Take Notes

You came prepared with a list of questions, now make sure that you leave with a list of answers and more information that you expected. Taking a list of notes and important information reduces those calls to the attorney office later down the road.

A consultation with an attorney is an important stat of any legal matter. Take full advantage of that opportunity to speak to an attorney at no cost and use the information above to your advantage.


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