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Bit by A Dog? Know Your Legal Rights

Although it is not as common as the media would like us to believe, there are instances where a dog will bite a person unprovoked. Sometimes these dogs have no history of being aggressive.

The very first step all people should take after a dog bite is to contact personal injury lawyers in Vancouver. They can help further explain your rights, based on your unique situation.

In any event, the owner is responsible for what their pets do. This includes when a dog attacks a person without provocation. This is an important part of understanding your legal rights. You must not have provoked the dog in any form to be awarded legal compensation. If you are unsure if you provoked the animal, speak with your attorney about what this constitutes in your province or municipality. 

Some provinces require the owner to be aware their dog is prone to biting for legal action to be taken, while many other provinces do not. It is important to know which stand your own province takes, because this will affect your ability to file a lawsuit.

If you reside in a province where prior knowledge is necessary, and you are the first person this dog has attacked, you are unable to file a lawsuit with any chance of winning.

When filing a lawsuit, there are limitations to the amount of reimbursement you can receive from the dog’s owner, as well as further actions which can be taken. Reimbursement is limited to reasonable amounts resulting from:

·    Medical fees associated to treatment for the bite

contact personal injury lawyers in Vancouver

·    Loss of wages if you missed time from work

·    Lawyer fees

·    Court fees

·    Minimal fees associated with emotional distress

Depending upon the severity of the attack, further action can be taken that will alleviate the risks of the dog biting anyone else again. These further actions should be discussed with your attorney.